Guide to Emirates ID Renewal 2023, Online Renewal Process

Emirates Id Renewal is required when your id expired. Emirates id can be expired after some time. You need to renew your emirates id. If you are not renewing your emirates id then you are not able to get any service. We are here to tell you about Emirates Id Renewal.

Guide to Emirates ID Renewal

You need to get renew your id under 30 days. If you are not renewing your id in 30 days then you have to pay a fine per day. Moreover, if you are not renewing your id after expiring the emirates id you have to pay fine starts from 20 AED to 1000 AED per day, and you are also not able to use any kind of services in UAE. If you want to use all the services then you need to have a valid emirates id.

Emirates ID Renewal

However, if you worked in UAE and living there you will be aware of the Emirates id. For those, who have no idea about then I should tell you that Emirates id is an identity card that is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). Moreover, it is a legal requirement and must be carried by all UAE citizens and residents at all times.

Important Factors:

It is important to the purpose for expats to prove their identity if they are applying for a government job or government services. This identity card is also used for traveling or immigration documents as a citizen. For getting id, you need to visit the Authorized typing center or fill the online form on the ICA website.

If you want to get your emirate id renewal online then you need to visit the online site. Emirates identity authority will provide you with the renewed emirates id online. How to renew an emirate id online? The process of renewing the Emirates id renewal process is a bit different.

Emirates Id Renewal 2022:

You need to renew the emirates Id when it is expired. However, you might know that there is a limit of 30 days when you are going to get your emirates id expired. You need to get your emirates id between the 30 days before expiring the id.

However, if you get expired then you have to pay a fine of 20 AED every day. The maximum limit of the fine is 1000 AED. So, you need to be careful in this matter and need to renew your id on time.

How To Renew Emirates ID?

There are four processes to renew your emirates id.

  • Government ICA
  • Website Service
  • FAIC WebsiteSmart Android Phone App
  • Through Typing center

Moreover, you must have these documents required for emirates id renewal if you want to renew your Emirates id. There are required documents if you are over 15 years old, and there are also different documents if you are under 15 years old.

Documents that are required for over 15 years old people.

  • It requires your expired emirates id card or a copy of the emirates id
  • Your valid passport or the copy of the passport
  • Your Expired Residency

Documents that require for under 15 years old people

  • Father’s emirates id card
  • Your expired id card
  • Your valid passport
  • It also requires your unified number
  • Your original birth certificate
  • It also requires your white background personal photo
  • Size should be 4.5 – 3.5 cm

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Emirates Id Renewal For Expats:

Firstly, you need to be aware of renewing your emirates id card that is permitted to you for a specific limited time. There are always 30 days from the date of expiry. If you are trying to renew your id card after the date you will have to pay a fine of 20 AED per day and it can be up to 1000 AED, added to your emirates id renewal fees. The emirates id renewal cost will contain the fine too. These are one of the emirates id renewal requirements.

How to get an emirates id if you are a UAE resident? UAE residents can also apply for emirates id renewal whenever their visa is renewed or reissued. Moreover, you get the SMS from the ICA before 30 days of expiring your emirates id. However, you can say that it is a reminder to apply for a new card. Moreover, this SMS will contain the details about how to renew your emirates id.

The UAE id renewal process is as follows:

However, It is possible to have your emirates id renewing mail to your company address but you should state that at the time of your renewal application. Moreover, you will receive an SMS from the ICA as soon as your new ID is available.

However, if you need Emirates id renewal urgently then you can get the offer from the ICA a fast-track service that will reduce the Emirates renewal id renewal processing time. However, this service is known as Fawri that takes just 24 hours and carries the additional cost except for the fees.

Moreover, the service is available to the UAE nationals and expect GCC nationals when renewing Emirates id. UAE residents from outside the GCC can only use the fast track service when it is replacing a lost or stolen UAE id.

Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged Emirates ID card:

However, if you have damaged or misplaced your Emirates ID card or if it is stolen. You need to contact immediately to ICA to request a replacement for an Emirates Id Renewal.

However, the process of obtaining a replacement follows four simple steps:

  • Report the incident: Firstly, you need to contact your nearest Customer Happiness Centre to report your card damaged, lost, or stolen. If your card is damaged, you need to take your old card with you. If it is lost or stolen, you should ask for a copy of the ID for you to keep in the time to use the services.
  • Apply for replacement: Secondly, you have to fill the application for a replacement ID either in person or via the ICA website or app.
  •  Pay fees: Now you have to pay the fee for a replacement Emirates ID card is AED 300 plus AED 70 when applying in a typing center and AED 40 if applying online. Moreover, the express replacement service costs are AED 150.
  • Collect your replacement ID: As soon as your ID is ready, you will receive an SMS from ICA. Replacements are usually issued within 24 hours.

Emirates ID Renewal Requirements:

However, when you are submitting your UAE ID card renewal, you should have your current ID card, passport, UAE visa, and credit card details to fulfill your requirements.

Moreover, you will also require upload and submit several documents which include:

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  • Front and back scans of your current ID card
  • Scan of your passport details page
  • Scan of your UAE visa page
  • Passport photo was taken within the last three months (if wishing to change your ID photo)


Emirates ID Renewal Cost And Fees, 2022

You might know that the Emirates ID renewal fee for expats is AED 100 for every year of validity. It is usually two or three years. However, if you wish to submit your application to a typing office rather than online, there is an additional AED 70 service charge which you have to pay.

Moreover, when you are applying online, you are also required to pay visa fees. However, AED 200 for two years and AED 300 for three years, plus an AED 40 online service fee. As I have mentioned above, for the 24-hour fast-track service, an additional AED 150 you have to pay.

You’re Stress-free Emirates ID

However, if you’re armed with the right knowledge, applying for your Emirates ID card and not being overly complex. It has been said that there is required prior knowledge of the process. Moreover, it is important to know that the application process is only to the point process. If your renewal application is completed at the time of submission and free from errors then you have done well.

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Renewal Application Form

Usually, most people visit the Authority centers for this process. But you can complete the application form online in English OR Arabic from your home or office. And most people use their app for applying for new IDs, Renew Emirates ID Card, or Exchange cards.

Emirates ID Online.

You have to read documents for reference Current Emirates ID card, original passport, visa page on your passport(the orange visa stamp on your passport) and your credit card you need these documents in electronic copies for download you also need a scanned electronic copy of your current Emirates ID card (front and backside) also scan your passport (personal and family details) and a scanned copy of visa page of your passport.

If your Emirates ID card photo is old and you want to change your photo to the new ID card, you can keep electronic duplicates/copies of your passport photo with a white background on the go. It is better if you use your new photos or at least a photo from the last 3 months.

Log in or Register.

If you’re willing to log in or register you have to go to the Emirates Official ID card services website and register yourself as a new user, you can choose your email address and username. The website also asks about your UAE phone number and sends you an OTP code for the verification of your number. Then you enter the OTP code in the given section, then the generated email password will be sent to your email address which is registered.

Use this password which you received by email address and login into your account and don’t forget to change your password because it’s not secure you have to change your password to something else that you can remember easily. All you have to do however went to the profile tab on the right side of the page and click “edit profile” to change your password

Start Your Application For How to Apply For Emirates ID.

So, you will see a lot of choices starting from new ID to replacing the old lost cards. For this guide service, we will only be working with the renewal of your already in-use id. First of all click an option “Renew your id” there, and a completely new page will open up in front of you on a new tab if you are using a PC.

Application Tips

You have to enter your details carefully, you must have to check your expiration dates, number, and name details are accurate. The IDN is the number on your card, while the UID (United Identification Number) is on the visa page of your passport. As you have to enter these numbers, spaces or hyphens carefully will be appeared automatically.

The file number of residency is also put on your visa page. When you enter this, the format in the form requires you to put a zero that isn’t in your number-like this XXXX-XXXX XXXX-0-xxxxxxxx. Count these numbers and make sure that you write these numbers correctly.

While you giving your number details, if unfortunately, you don’t have a family Name then your last name will become your family name. The last name is a required field on the page, so make sure your name appears properly.
If you make mistake, when you entered your data then you have to call on this number 600530003 immediately let them know.

They will return the app to you within 24 hours after the update you have to be able to put your data again and they charge an extra fee for it. When your card is issued by the Emirates, then the changes become more difficult and too much expensive.

If you are confused about anything at any time, call 600530003 and talk with a customer representative. Ensure that each required field is completed correctly


The Emirates ID fee for expatriates is 100 dirham for each year after the validity which is usually either two or three years, or you can also pay an EA D70 for a service fee.

When you’re renewing your Emirates ID card you must have to pay the visa fee (200 dirhams for two years and 300 dirhams for three years) you also have to pay an additional 40 dirhams for the online services-so 240 or 340 dirhams are charged


For renewing the Emirates ID card the next step is you have to visit Medical Center to take a medical exam for the ID card. Before visiting the Medical Center remember that you have to carry your passport copies, current Emirates ID card, copies, and the renewal Emirates ID card, application.

After this you can get a form from typing center you can choose a Medical Center That you want your report regular or urgent if you want your report urgent then you have to charge extra dirhams. The regular cost is 270 dirhams plus 50 dirhams for printing.[/su_box]

You can receive your report through an email from the Medical Center within a week

Body Procedure:

When you get your medical report you must have to submit your application form your passport copies, Emirates ID card copy, insurance card copy, your medical report, and two passport photos to the HR or PRO team. Emirates identity authority also takes detailed information about this sponsor. So it is much better to do this through the company and then the employees.

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What Is Emirates Id Renewal Etisalat?

Etisalat is the UAE  app to renew your emirates id. You can apply on emirates id renewal Etisalat.

How To Check Du Emirates Id Renewal Status?

Firstly, you need to go to the du website and enter your emirates id. You can check your du emirates id renewal status.

What Is ICA Emirates Id Renewal?

The ICA emirates id renewal is the process of renewal of your emirates id. You can check the process which we have given in this article.

Emirates Id Renewal Covid?

Emirates id renewal should be in time before 30 days. But as you know covid has stopped all the process. So. UAE provides some relief during covid.

How To Check Emirates Id Renewal Status?

However, you can check your emirates id renewal status by tracking your id through an online site.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]In conclusion, I should mention that you can check your Emirates id renewal status and also apply for it. You can check the process of how to renew your emirates id.

Here we have mentioned the emirates id renewal. On this site, you can check all the details about your emirates id here[/su_note]