Ways Of Emirates Id Fine Check Online in 2 Minutes 2023

Emirates Id Fine Check:- Emirates id is a unique Dubai emirates id issued by the UAE government to citizens. This ID contains their information about Name, Number, Special 8-digit number, and other data eg: date of birth. This ID  also helps the government to track down any data of that individual ID cardholder. However, the emirates id fine check process has become very easy because of govt. facilities.

How To Get Emirates ID And Emirates Id Fine Check:

If you are new in UAE or just completed your age for Emirates ID card and you don`t know how to get it then no need to worry, we will tell you how to get your emirates ID with nothing more than some easy and simple steps.

Emirates Id Fine Check Online

You have to visit their offices to apply for a UAE ID card and provide them with your details or you can just see the Emirates website and fill E-form with your data and information and they will inform you whenever your id is ready to be picked up.


Emirates ID is used almost daily in life such as buying a new sim card, card packages, homes, and real estate. Or anything else. Emirates ID is also used in other processes such as opening a new bank account or closing your old account within a few steps. It can also be used to buy utilities. It is also the only thing required while applying for a driving license.

Emirates ID fine:

Emirates ID fine is a fine sent onto your Emirates ID card and you can either keep their record or pay your dues. If you don`t pay the fine, it always stays on your emirates ID card till you clear your due fines. For Emirates ID Card Fine inquiry, you can visit their online website. Emirates ID’s fine inquiry process can also be checked out in official offices in almost every city in UAE.

Fine Reasons:

If you break any law in UAE such as not following Covid-19 Precautionary measures. Get a parking ticket or a road crossing fine with emirates ID. Jaywalking fine in Dubai emirates id. Then the fine will be sent onto your UAE ID card.

You will get a notification whenever you get a fine but in case you don`t get it or you want to check your older fines. Then you can check and pay your fine in two ways, either you can visit any official office and pay your fine there or you can visit their online websites and pay your fines and dues.

Dubai Emirates id Fine:

Many people wonder that in this situation of COVID-19, how to check the fine on the Emirates ID card. But it is really simple and easy. Abu Dabhi Fine check system provides a really good and easy user-friendly interface online.

Not only in Abu Dabhi but all UAE fine check system is really furnished. SO, all you have to do is visit their website and follow our given steps in the next paragraph.

How to Check your Fine:

There are a few steps to check your fine or check your emirates id status online injust few steps are given below.

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  • First of all, Visit the Abu Dhabi Police Website or App to get rid of fines on Emirates id in Abu Dhabi.
  • Click on the Public Services followed by traffic fine inquiry.
  • Select Inquire by emirates ID
  • Enter your emirates ID in the given section
  • There you will get a captcha code, enter the given code to prove you are not a bot.
  • Now you have complete details about your Fines and penalties in UAE.


IF you have any fine or penalty it will show emirates id’s fine details, its reason, and all other details such as fine location and ID card number in a Page form.

IF you don`t have any fine or penalty you will see the “NO FINES”  Option there which simply means you don`t have to pay any dues or fines.

Offline Way:

Most people are paying their fines due to Covid-19 but if you are doubted the online system or you want to pay it by your own hands then you can visit one of their many Offices including the emirates identity authority Sharjah. You can visit them and pay your fines with your own hands and you can also get a receipt as proof.

Where Can I Get Biometrics For Emirates ID?

EIDA CENTER – To get your Biometrics for emirates id you have to visit EIDA Center near the clinic and give your Fingerprints on a form.

  • How to Replace Emirates ID:
  • First of all, write down the incident that happened with your Emirates ID and then apply for a new Emirates ID. The process will be the same as applying for the first time as you have to fill your form with your information and register it
  • Pay the fees required to get a new ID
  • Go and Collect your brand new ID card

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How To Get Emirates ID?

To get an Emirates ID card, you have to visit their FAIC website and fill a form with your information and data such as name, date of birth, etc and they will tell you whenever your ID card is ready.

How Much Is The Fine For Emirates ID?

There is time for renewal of your emirates id and it is 30 days before expiring the id. After that, you will have to pay a fine of 20 AED per day and the maximum is 1000 AED.

How Can I Check My Fine In UAE?

You can check your emirates id fine on UAE official police website or app.

How Do You Know If You Have Fine In Dubai?

To check fine, if you have or are not in Dubai you have to visit the RTA website.

  1. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website
  2. Plate details
  3. License number
  4. Fine number
  5. Traffic file number

How Can I Cancel My Emirates Id Fine?

If you want to cancel your emirates id fine, you can contact EIDA via the “Ask Hamad” service or you can call on 6005-30003.

How Can I Travel With An Emirates ID?

Emirates Govt made it really simple and easy for UAE citizens and residents to travel by air through their emirates ID. You can use an emirates ID card at E-gate on the 3rd terminal at Dubai international airport on arrival. You don`t even need the service activated for such travel.

Emirates ID Validity?

Emirates ID’s validity depends upon the price you pay. For example, if you pay 100 AED then your Card will be valid for 5 years and if you pay 200 AED then your UAE card will be valid for the next 10 years straight.

How Many Days Will It Take For Visa Stamping in UAE?

20 days – It will take at least 10-20 days for your visa to get stamped officially by the UAE government. You will receive a message from them when your Visa is stamped.

Who Should Pay For Emirates ID?

In the policy, there is nothing written about who is supposed to pay neither about insurance companies nor about companions.[/su_box]


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This article is based upon what is UAE, what are its features and uses. Why is it important to both government and the people? However, why do people get emirates id fines on their ID?

Why is it especially sent on their id rather than physical form, and how you can pay for the fine both ways whether you want to pay online or want to visit their offices for such matter?[/su_note]