Emirates Id Center And How Can Apply For New Emirates Id Card

Emirates Id Center: It is a special ID card issued by the UAE government for citizens and UAE residents. It is a special card that contains information about you, such as your Name, Special Number, Dates of birth, etc.

The Emirates ID is really useful on a daily basis of life as it is used to buy groceries, utilities, open a bank account, close a bank account, or even buy property real estate. To fulfill this requirement emirates id center is available.

Emirates ID Center Website

IF you don`t have an Emirates ID and you are a citizen or resident of UAE then you should get that ID as soon as possible.

You have 2 ways to apply for your own UAE ID card.

  • You can go to their website of Emirates ID fill your form and they will let you know when your ID card is ready to be picked up.
  • There are many Emirates ID centers e.g.: emirates id center Abu Dhabi, emirates id center al Barsha, emirates id center Sharjah and Emirates Id center in Karama. You can visit one of their Id centers.
  •  There they will give you an Eform. You have to fill it with your personal details such as Name, Number, and date of birth. And they will inform you when your ID card is ready.

Emirates Id Center 24 Hours Dubai:

Due to COVID-19, most people are staying at home and they are applying for their ID cards from their homes. The process to apply for your ID card while staying at home is given below:

To get your ID card online, First of all, visit their online website of Emirates ID card and select apply for a new Id card. Then you will see a form, fill that form according to your information, and then register that. Just after your form is filled, it is sent to the emirates id center in Dubai or any ID center near you.

You will get a notification of when your ID card is ready, but you will have to visit the ID center for your biometrics, if you live in Abu Dhabi then you can visit one of the emirates id fingerprinting centers in Abu Dhabi for your biometrics used on your ID card. After Biometrics, you will soon receive your ID card.

Emirates Id Office:

If you don`t want to apply online for your ID card and want to do all the process physically then you should visit one of the ID centers all over Dubai eg: Karama emirates id center, al Barsha emirates id center, Dubai emirates id center.  There are more than one emirates id center in Dubai, you can visit any of them.

These ID centers will provide you a form called “Eform”, You have to fill the form with your personal information such as Name, Date of birth, Number, etc.  After filling the form, you have to give your biometrics. There are few emirates id fingerprinting centers in Abu Dhabi only and also in many other cities such as emirates id fingerprinting centers in Dubai.

Emirates Id Center And How Can Apply For New Emirates Id Card

You can also visit one of the few Emirates id biometrics centers in Dubai. There they will get your fingerprint and add it to your papers. Then soon or later you will receive a message from them informing you that your ID card is ready to be picked up from their office or it will be sent to your Mail.

Emirates ID Price:

Emirates ID card prices depend upon the validity offer you choose. For example, if you choose a 5-year plan then you have to pay 100 AUD. While the other 10-year validity plan costs about 200 AUD. And your ID card will be valid to you for the next upcoming 10 years.

Emirates Identity Authority Registration Centers:

There are many Emirates ID authority centers eg: emirates identity authority Sharjah and emirates identity authority Karama Or Emirates ID Al Barsha center and (sonapur) emirates id center.

If you want to apply for your card you can visit one of many emirates identity authority centers. You can also tell them about your complaints in authority centers.

Most people wonder to find emirates id center near. Just type of google emirates id typing center near me and it will provide you with the nearest located center to you.

Emirates Center Timings:

Timing for Emirates id service center, Emirates id typing center, and emirates identity authority center, Indian passport renewal center Dubai Karama have a timetable to open and close offices, the time table is given below for offices of Emirates Center.

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Friday Closed
  • Closed
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm



ICA is the Federal authority for Identity and Citizenship. ICA provides different facilities according to the status of people living in the UAE. There are many ICA centers including ICA Dubai.

Citizen:  citizens can apply for all services provided by the government e.g: applying for the Emirates ID card or applying for a passport by this federation.

Residents:  UAE residents can apply for their Citizenship or visa etc with this federation.

Visitors:  Visitors can apply for entry visas. And other services are given to people on a visit to UAE by this federation.

GCC Citizens:  GCC citizens can apply for services according to their sponsors in addition to the services given by emirates ID.

GCC Resident:  GCC Residents can apply for services that are related to entry visas for this type. And the administrator and visa after the insurance.

Emirates ID Call Center:

Emirates call center is a call service center by the government of the emirate. IF you want to complain about something in the UAE system. Or want some help regarding any other thing about the UAE Id card. However, they will listen to your complaint or help you out with whatever problem you are facing related to the Emirates ID card.

There are many Calling centers which also include emirates call center Dubai, which is one of the biggest branches of it. You can call them anything regarding your problem to ask them.

Emirates calling centers also provide an immigration system you can ask anything about immigration too by just calling them. Almost all of the calling centers provide this facility but the Abu Dhabi immigration call center is the most famous and busy amongst them.

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How To Contact Emirates ID Center?

You can contact the Emirates ID center through the online website or you can go to the office by yourself. If you want to contact the website or wanted to renew your emirates id you can check the ICA website.

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ICA Head Office Address

  1. Tel: +971 2 4955555.
  2. Fax: +971 2 4955550.
  3. Email: contactus@ica.gov.ae.[/su_note]

How Do I Change My Phone Number On Emirates ID Card:

You can change the phone number given on your ID card in two ways.

  • Visit the ICA website, fill the Eform given to you, then pay the price for number replacement. And they will inform you when your number is changed.
  • Or you can visit an Emirates ID card Center and fill the form in it and then add a new number. Then they will update your number on the ID card.

 How Long Does It Take To Get Emirates ID After A Medical Exam?

Soon after you enter or do your internal transfer your HR or PRO team would ask you to do the medicals within 7 to 30 working days.

And then you should receive your medical fit to work certificate from the health authority with 7 to 10 working days. Meanwhile, you might need to fill the formalities required for Emirates ID i.e Fingerprint and Eye scanning, etc.[/su_box]


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In conclusion, this article is briefly about different emirates id centers all over the UAE. We provide you with the right information about their timings and off days.

However, we also provided you with the information on the process of applying for your Emirates id center. We also explained to you what are the services of ICA. Therefore, we provided you with the correct price for the emirates id card.[/su_note]