Easy Steps For Emirates ID Application Tracking Online 2023

Emirates ID Application Tracking:- An EMIRATE ID is proof of being a citizen of the UAE.  It consists of very little information about you such as your name, address, number, and 15 digits special number, but you are required to carry it all the way with you if you are a citizen of UAE.

Emirates ID Application Tracking Online

In case that you lose it or couldn’t find it, then you might want to track Emirates ID.  We here will provide you with the correct information related to emirates id application tracking.

emirates id application tracking

Emirates ID Application Form

Your Emirates ID application status is the status of your Emirates ID card. You can check your Emirates ID application validity with the same process. Emirates ID application form is it digital form that is stored in Government’s database and you can have access to it too. Making Emirates ID application tracking much easier for you and Government.


Emirates ID tracking is also called EID tracking but you don`t have to get confused between these as they are the same thing.

Electronic Chip:

Emirates ID uses an electronic chip for tracking down the location and information about your ID. This Electronic chip is specially used for benefits for both citizens and the government. As it helps citizens to track down their ID cards and helps the government to get information about any UAE citizen-written down in their data. This chip can store up to 32,000 words and letters which can be scanned by specific reader machines.

Advanced Card:

The special card by UAE is so advanced that it uses a special type of ink to get scanned by machines and it has nine different security features which make it secure for using it as in their bank accounts and as credit cards.

Identification Number:

The UAE government has given every citizen a separate number for their ID. Which is used by the UAE government to get details about any person just by his/her Special ID number. It is also used for ID tracking.

The same identification number can be used for many other features provided by UAE such as Shipping and Shipment of the product known as “EM Post Tracking” or “ Emirates ID tracking Empost”

How Do I Register My Phone Number in Emirates ID:

There are a few simple steps to add your number into your emirates ID such as

  • Visit ICA smart service application
  • Provide your information you want to alter or change
  • Identify and confirm your Information
  • Payment

[su_highlight background=”#beff9c”]Done! Now you have your number registered in your Emirates ID[/su_highlight]

How to Track Emirates ID:

There are a few steps for Emirates ID Tracking which are given below.

  • Visit the official website of FAIC (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship). Check out the left side of the page, where you will see an option titled as “Check ID status” Menu bar.
  • Now after opening that, enter your Special 15-digit special ID but remember that you don`t have to add a hyphen (-).
  • A pop-up box will open with the status of your ID Card and its information. Here you can track Emirates id application status by Emirates ID tracking services.

Only In UAE:

Emirates ID tracking process can only be done if you are in UAE and more importantly A citizen of UAE. If you are from anywhere in the world except UAE then you might not be able to follow the Emirates ID Track process or even couldn’t open the website.

Emirates ID Card Status Check

With the given steps, you can check the status of the ID card that even if it’s valid or not which is verified by the emirates identity authority.  You can also check your emirates ID renewal requirements by Emirates ID application.

The data you will give to the web is provided to you by your service provider which will help you in your emirates ID track process.

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How Do I Check My EID Status:

You can check your Emirates ID status tracking As simple as just going to the official Web of FAIC and entering your data, then you will get your EID status.

How to Check My Emirates ID in Post Office:

All you have to do for emirates id status emirates post is visit the monitoring page of your parcel and enter your Emirates ID status, there you will see all information about your Parcel.

How to Know if My Emirates ID is Ready:

It is as simple as visiting the federal office of EID and asking them if your Emirates ID typing is done by now or not. However, or you can go to FAIC web and enter your application number, there you will see the process of your Emirates ID.

How Can I Get Emirates ID Registration:

To get Emirates ID, a person has to fill a form with his bio and information which will be provided to government officials for further inquiries, and then they will make the decision of giving you the Emirates ID and under what conditions.

Can I Renew The Emirates Id Application Online:

The short answer is YES. You can renew your Emirates ID online by visiting FAIC official website. There you have to fill in your current card which you want to renew over and then they will inform you whenever they start the process by email or letter which will be delivered to your house.

How To Check Empost Tracking Emirates ID Card:

To check your empost tracking, just visit Monitor tracking web of your Parcel, which might ask you for your Special Id card number if you haven`t given it before. Put the number in the given area and then you can check your empost tracking by your emirates ID.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]This article was about how you can track down your Emirates ID by just visiting their official website. Or how can you Renew your Expired or about to get an expired ID? However, or How you can apply for one Emirates ID card if you already don’t have one.

Moreover, or how you can track down your package which is in the middle of shipping just by your special number given on your ID Card. We provided you with Simple yet useful information about all you can learn about emirates id application tracking online.[/su_note]