GDRFA Approval 2023 – GDRFA Application Status, Check Return Permit

GDRFA Approval: After an extended wait of several months of doubt, many UAE residents stranded in their home countries are glad to hear that the travel suspension may now end because the U.A.E government announced that a special category of UAE residents is now permitted to re-enter the U.A.E.

GDRFA Approval - GDRFA Application Atatus, Check Return Permit

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) has announced guidelines for those seeking to return to Dubai, who were previously visiting from India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Uganda.

How to Get GDRFA Approval

To enter the United Arab Emirates, UAE residents need to take care that they apply for a GDRFA (Government of Dubai Residency and Foreign Affairs) visa prior to traveling outside of the country. The Dubai consulate will require you to verify your destination details before making any decisions about allowing you entry into UAE.

Please note that nationals from some countries listed below are not allowed to obtain UAE visas without first obtaining an ICA (Immigration Citizenship and residency Authority) permit issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship located in Abu Dhabi: Angola, Bangladesh, Israel & Iran.

GDRFA Approval Requirments

• Vaccination certificate
•UAE Residence visa
• Emirates ID
• PCR test result
• Email address

As reported by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCEMA), a number of those who had been previously living in the UAE have exemptions from any new vaccine requirements. Exemptions are currently pending for healthcare workers, and they shall be allowed to return to the UAE regardless of their previous vaccination status as long as said status conforms with other federal regulations set forth.

How Can I Get GDRFA Approval?

You can start the application process by visiting the GDRFA approval website. You will be asked to log in and find the number of your visa, which is located on yours or printed on the approval letter. In case you have lost it, click Send Request so we can send another one to you.
The following information needs to be provided upon applying for GDRFA approval: passport, visa, Emirates ID card, and a recent photograph. Your family members who need GDRFA approval should provide an Emirates ID copy showing their relation to you (father, spouse, etc.).
If you are going to apply as a dependent applicant and your sponsor has already applied or approved then it’s not mandatory that you apply again as they will get approval in your name too.

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GDRFA Approval Required Now?

GDRFA approval is now required. Your GDRFA has to approve before it you can go ahead.  You should get the GDRFA approval before submission.

How Long Does GDRFA Approval Take?

The important and quickest way to get your product onto the streets is through ICA. Because they are so fast, it’s one of the ways that many brands can improve their customer service by having products ready to hand out as soon as you run out. The other options like GDRFA may take up to an hour, but with ICA, it takes only a few minutes.

Is GDRFA Approval Required For Entry Permit?

All UAE residents can travel to Dubai without approval from GDRFA or ICP. You only need to make sure that you meet the visa/immigration requirement for entering the United Arab Emirates. To obtain a visa, contact UAE Embassy in your home country or a nearby one.[/su_box]
A recent statement from Dubai’s assistant director-general for the DGCAA (Dubai General Civil Aviation Authority) stated According to the regulations passed down to us by the DGCAA, an airline cannot refuse a passenger just because they are not receiving the correct vaccination.