How to Check Your NOL Card Balance Online in Easy Step 2023

NOL is a prepaid card that can be used to make payments and withdraw cash at all ATMs. The card has an expiry date of 12 months from the date of activation. The Nol balance check online is an electronic card that is used for ticket buying and for enjoying public transport services. It can be used in buses, trams, trains, ferries, and the metro.

How To Check Nol Card Balance Online

With this Nol card balance inquiry check, you will be able to travel on public transport without any hassles. You will not need to worry about carrying cash or having enough credit on your phone since you can use this Dubai nol card balance check to pay for your fares.

Check Your NOL Card Balance Online

RTA (Road Transport and Authorities)  is launching a system to how to check Dubai metro card balance check. This will be done through the website of the

The RTA is also launching a system to check your NOL card balance online. You can use this card if you have more than Ph 7.5 NOL Card Balance.

A new check nol card balance online system will help people who are not able to go to the bank or gas station for their transactions with their NOL cards, and it will save them from having to call the company for updates on their account Nol balance check online.

noel card balance checks are used for many purposes, but the most common use is to get cashback on purchases that are made at stores that accept the card. If you have an NOL card, then you can go to the website of your credit card company and online Nol card balance check.

The Nol balance inquiry process is very simple and only takes about one minute.

RTA Portal:

This is the most common way of RTA balance checking online your inquiries. You can access it by logging into your account on the RTA website.

RTA App:

The RTA balance inquiry app is an easy way to check inquiries. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can access it using any device that you want.

The RTA portal is the easiest way to check your inquiries. It will show you all your pending complaints and other inquiries. You can also make payments here, make changes in your address and other details, see the status of your license, etc.

The RTA app is an alternative if you want to check your inquiries on the go. It has a lot of features that are not available on the portal like making payments, reporting incidents, etc.

NOL Card Balance Check With RTA Portal

RTA Portal Announced his feature of check balance nol card. Follow these below steps For Checking Balance Online

1- visit the website
2- Click on the link for “Nol Card Balance Check”
3- Enter your Nol card number and PIN
4- The balance for your card will be displayed on the screen

Check RTA Card Balance

NOL card is a prepaid card that can be used to make payments for public transport. It is issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and it can be topped up with credit or cash at any of the RTA’s customer service centers.

You can now check your NOL Card balance on mobile through RTA App. You just need to download the app from the link below and then log into your account with your username and password. The app will show you an updated list of all your transactions, as well as your NOL Card check balance.

NFC is a technology that is used to transfer data or information from one device to another.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it is a communication technology that enables the exchange of data between two devices that are placed within 4cm of each other.

NFC has been around since 2004, but it has only recently started to be used in smartphones. The first NFC-enabled smartphone was the HTC Dream, released in September 2008 by T-Mobile in Europe and Asia.

NFC-enabled phones are now available from all major manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and Google Pixel.

NOL Card Balance Check Enquiry Online

NOL Card Balance Check Using NFC is the latest technology that enables you to check your NOL Card balance using only your mobile phone. This is a very convenient way of checking your balance without having to go through the hassle of visiting the nearest ATM machine.

It also saves you some time and money because it is usually free for you to use this service on your mobile phone. First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of the Nol App from App Store or Google Play. After that, open the app and sign in using your username and password.

Now, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top-left corner of the app’s main screen.

Step #1: Enable “NFC and Payment Option” in the mobile’s settings option. –In More Connection Setting Option

Step #2: open your RTA Mobile App. From here search on “Public Transport” and click on it.

Step #3: You’ll need to have an NFC-compatible device that’s capable of reading tags. To make sure your device has this capability, you can simply download and install a free app such as TagInfo or NXP Taginfo Lite (they’re both free and provided by the same developer).

Once you’ve installed one of these apps, tap it to begin scanning for nearby NFC tags. As soon as a tag is discovered on the screen, it will automatically be read and displayed elsewhere in the app.

Now that you’re familiar with the Nol card system and all its perks, remember to check your balance online or at the bus terminal before entering any bus card balance check as if caught without a valid fare, you could be subject to a 200-dirham fine. Make sure to keep these types of cards on hand so you can travel freely throughout Dubai and UAE.
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Can I Withdraw Money From Nol Card?

Customers will only be able to request nol card cancellation/refunds at a ticket office if they have a working and valid nol card. Customers can only get their remaining balance refunded and canceled once at any station there is a ticket office.

The refund will issue as soon as possible after making the request, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll be processed immediately as sometimes things will take more time than usual since it does not depend on the attendance of staff or how busy the offices are in general.

How can I use an expired Nol card?

Regardless of the balance on your expired Nol card, you can still transfer that balance to a new Nol card if you’d like. For this, you will need to visit a ticket office at the metro card balance check or bus nol card balance check station and fill out a form requesting such an action

How can I update Nol’s card balance?

Congratulations on your purchase! Remember, to activate your pending top-up you must use your card in any online parking meter or metro gate after 45 minutes to 4 hours. In those machines, use the “Mandatory Top-up” option.
If you do not have access to such a facility and wish to purchase more tokens, you may choose the “top-up for value” option at any subway station. You will receive instructions as it relates to using your new electronic transit pass![/su_box]

Conclusion For NOL Card Balance

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Thank you for reading this blog post. We hope this post has enlightened you with regards to Nol cards and how they can help you make incredible savings throughout the country.

As we stated before, make sure that you visit to learn more about Nol cards or any other information related to RTA bus card balance check fares and transport in Dubai nol card balance check or across UAE.[/su_note]

How To Replace Your Emirates Id Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen In UAE?

The Emirates ID is an identity card issued by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in the UAE. They also provide the residents and citizens to replace their Emirates IDs in case if they are damaged, lost, or stolen. Your emirates id lost? Then you are in the right place. Here you will find all the details and procedures to renew your emirates id lost.

Process For A Emirates Id Lost 2023

However, if you are a UAE resident or national. You might know that your Emirates ID is the most important document in UAE. The Emirates ID is your identity as a resident. And there is a need for documentation you need to carry here. However, this documentation can be your driving license, renting a property, getting utility connections, and so on.

Moreover, an Emirates ID is necessary for every resident, citizen and this emirates id should be with you all the time. It proves and confirms your identity. Or with this, you can be able to use all the services.

Emirates ID Privileges And Benefits In The UAE:

However, Emirates ID is issued by the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA), the Emirates ID has all your personal information, including photo and biometric data (fingerprints). Moreover, this data can be accessed with the Pin issued to all cardholders of emirates id.

To consider it important, it is necessary to keep the card secured at all times. But what happens if you lose your Emirates ID? Or emirates id lost? You need to keep reading the article to get the information, documentation required, fee and procedure.

Document Required For Emirates Id Lost:

  • Passport
  • Family book(UAE Nationals)
  • Photocopy of lost Emirates ID card
  • UAE Visa(Expats)
  • Birth Certificate(For kids below 15 years)

Documents Required According To Age, GCC, And UAE National:

However, if you are a UAE National or a GCC Citizen, you will need the following documents to access the service:

  • There is a need for a completed application form (the application form is available online and at any accredited Typing Center)
  • It requires an original valid passport
  • However, also requires an original valid family book
  • There is a need for proof of residencies such as an original valid employment certificate, real estate lease or ownership contract, commercial license, school registration certificate, certificate of dependency, valid marriage contract, or an employment card
  • Moreover, the IDN Certificate was issued and stamped by the registration Center.

Document Required For Children Under 15 Years Old:

  • It requires a visit to the Registration Center is not needed, a colored passport-size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photo with a white background can be submitted instead
  • Moreover, biometric data is not needed
  • However, ID cards for newborns require the submission of a photocopy of the birth certificate in addition to the aforementioned document requirements. Moreover, the parent must also present their valid ID card.

Document required if you are above the age of 70 years old. That person will receive social welfare or have additional needs:

  • However, you are exempt from the additional fees of services related to the ID, but not the delay charges.
  • Moreover, customers with special needs are exempted from the additional services fees as well as the ID card charges but not the delay charges.
  • However, customers with additional needs are required to submit a copy of proof of disability certified by their physicians

Lost Emirates ID Outside UAE:

However, if you’ve lost your Emirates ID outside UAE. Then you should immediately visit the UAE Embassy in the region where you live. And file your complaint regarding your emirates id lost.

Moreover, if you have once been informed at the UAE embassy then you can apply for a new card online. As per the procedure mentioned above or visit the official typing centers when you are back in UAE.

emirates id lost

Like all the identity cards an Emirates ID consists of a chip that stores all the information regarding the emirates id holder. Moreover, it has the biometrics of the owner of the emirates id card along with the financial details and many more. So, losing your emirates id is must be taken a bit seriously.

Service Duration:

  • If all the requirements meet the services will be completed and the card ready as soon as possible for collecting within ten working days of your application
  • Moreover, additional information requires
  • In addition, in the event that your emirates id lost or stolen card has been recovered, then an Emirates ID Customer Service Representative will contact you via telephone to make sure that your Id is recovered.

Benefits Of This Service:

  • It enables you to keep your identity data up to date and accurate, so it can be useful
  • It makes a more secure identity
  • However, more accessible identity

Emirates ID Replacement Fee:

When your emirates id lost you need to complain. When a complaint is registered at the police station regarding the lost Emirates ID, then AED 70 will charge. Apart from this, there is some fee fixed via EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) on Emirates ID replacement.

Here is the emirates id replacement fee structure:

[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]

  • AED 300 will charge on Emirates ID replacement if the card is lost or stolen.
  • However, AED 70 will charge if the form is submitted through the typing centers.
  • AED 40 will charge if the form is submitted online.
  • AED 150 will charge for express delivery of the Emirates ID which is a maximum of 24 hrs[/su_note]

What To Do If Your Emirates Id Stolen, Broken, Damaged, Or Lost:

Report to the relevant authority:

Firstly, the first action that you need to take if you lose your Emirates ID is to report the incident at the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Centre or a police station. Moreover, carry the entire valid identification document for identity confirmation which we have mentioned above.

However, after confirmation, the center will deactivate the card immediately. In addition, you can also ask for the issuance of a copy of your lost Emirates ID card that will help you keep using the services. If you need to replace a damaged card, you will also need to bring your damaged Emirates ID.

[su_highlight background=”#beff9c”]We have provided the list here of what you need to bring as proof of identity. In order to apply for a replacement for your lost Emirates ID:[/su_highlight]

  • UAE nationals need to bring: A family book with your valid original passport.
  • GCC nationals can bring A Valid employment certificate or card, school registration certificate, valid marriage contract, commercial license, ownership contract, real estate lease, or certificate of dependency.
  • Expatriates need to bring: A valid passport with a stamped valid residency permit.

How To Apply For An Emirates Id Card Replacement:

Once you have reported the event in the police office or ICA office as a lost emirates id police report. You need to apply for replacing your lost Emirates ID immediately. You need to submit the application along with the aforementioned documents.

Mentioned above to complete the application process for a lost emirates id card replacement. However, applicants can access the application form for a replacement ID card request at ICA Customer Happiness Centres.

As well as on the ICA’s website for online applications. Moreover, residents can also use the ICA UAE app to acquire an application form. And proceed with their request about the replacement of emirates id. You can do a report as I lost my emirates id. Or emirates id lost and found.

Instructions for children under 15 years of age:

However, the residents who are below 15 years of age need to submit a passport-sized photo in color with a white background. If their emirates id lost. Furthermore, parents of newborns will need to submit a copy of the birth certificate along with their parents’ valid ID. And other required documents as per requirement.

Pay the fees

Here are some details about the charges for a replacement Emirates ID:

  • Fee for replacement: AED 300 for a replacement Emirates ID card required fee.
  • Application fee:  AED 70 per application.

Those people who are applying via e-Form from the ICA website get a reduction. And pay only AED 40 instead of AED 70 for the application form. The fees must be submitted along with the application form regarding the replacement of emirates id.

Collect Your New Card

After filling and submitting the application for a replacement ID card. The ICA will send you an SMS regarding the application submission. And expected delivery date. It will help to provide you with a specific date to take the emirates id. It takes around two working days for a replacement Emirates ID to issue.

Or it can take ten working days as well. Residents can also utilize the express service if they need their Emirates IDs replaced urgently to perform all the services in UAE. However, You can collect your card from the Emirates post after receiving the SMS notification. Your id has been recovered that make sure that your id is ready to collect.

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How To Contact The ICA Call Center For Any Query Regarding Id Card Replacement In Case Of Emirates Id Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen?

You can contact the given number of the ICA at 600-522-222 regarding any query about ID card replacement such as emirates id lost, damaged, or stolen.

What Are The Charges For Express Id Replacement Services?

The residents in the UAE want the replacement of ID cards in case of emirates id lost, damaged, or stolen. They have to pay AED 150 additionally. You can check the more fees regarding replacement from the above article.

What If Someone Submits My Stolen Id Card At One Of The Registration Centers?

If you are submitting the application for the replacement of your emirates id card. Then an Emirates ID customer service representative will be in touch with you. And will let you know when your emirates will recover.

Why is Emirates Id So Important And Should Not Emirates Id Lost?

Emirates id is the proof of your identity for all the residents or citizens of the UAE. Moreover, there are a lot of uses of emirates id it can change your lifestyle. So, keep using the services in UAE you try not to get emirates id lost.

How To Update My Data On My Emirates Id Card?

Emirates id owners can visit the nearest Federal Authority for identity and Citizenship branches. So that they can information on the emirates id. You can easily change your information on your emirates id card.

How To Renew My Emirates Id?

You can renew your emirates id before 30 days of expiry. However, you will get a message from the ICA office to renew your id. So that you can use all the services in the UAE.

You can renew your id by visiting the Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship (FAIC) in UAE. Or you can apply online through the ICA website. Moreover, you can check our article on emirates id renewal.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]

In conclusion, we will say that the emirates id is very important for any residence or citizen in the UAE. As it is the proof of your identity in the UAE. In case, if your emirates id lost, damaged, or stolen.

Then you need to report to the office or police station. And then immediately apply for the recovery of the emirates id. You don’t get lazy in this case apply immediately and get a new id in two to ten working days.[/su_note]

Easy Steps For Emirates ID Application Tracking Online 2023

Emirates ID Application Tracking:- An EMIRATE ID is proof of being a citizen of the UAE.  It consists of very little information about you such as your name, address, number, and 15 digits special number, but you are required to carry it all the way with you if you are a citizen of UAE.

Emirates ID Application Tracking Online

In case that you lose it or couldn’t find it, then you might want to track Emirates ID.  We here will provide you with the correct information related to emirates id application tracking.

emirates id application tracking

Emirates ID Application Form

Your Emirates ID application status is the status of your Emirates ID card. You can check your Emirates ID application validity with the same process. Emirates ID application form is it digital form that is stored in Government’s database and you can have access to it too. Making Emirates ID application tracking much easier for you and Government.


Emirates ID tracking is also called EID tracking but you don`t have to get confused between these as they are the same thing.

Electronic Chip:

Emirates ID uses an electronic chip for tracking down the location and information about your ID. This Electronic chip is specially used for benefits for both citizens and the government. As it helps citizens to track down their ID cards and helps the government to get information about any UAE citizen-written down in their data. This chip can store up to 32,000 words and letters which can be scanned by specific reader machines.

Advanced Card:

The special card by UAE is so advanced that it uses a special type of ink to get scanned by machines and it has nine different security features which make it secure for using it as in their bank accounts and as credit cards.

Identification Number:

The UAE government has given every citizen a separate number for their ID. Which is used by the UAE government to get details about any person just by his/her Special ID number. It is also used for ID tracking.

The same identification number can be used for many other features provided by UAE such as Shipping and Shipment of the product known as “EM Post Tracking” or “ Emirates ID tracking Empost”

How Do I Register My Phone Number in Emirates ID:

There are a few simple steps to add your number into your emirates ID such as

  • Visit ICA smart service application
  • Provide your information you want to alter or change
  • Identify and confirm your Information
  • Payment

[su_highlight background=”#beff9c”]Done! Now you have your number registered in your Emirates ID[/su_highlight]

How to Track Emirates ID:

There are a few steps for Emirates ID Tracking which are given below.

  • Visit the official website of FAIC (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship). Check out the left side of the page, where you will see an option titled as “Check ID status” Menu bar.
  • Now after opening that, enter your Special 15-digit special ID but remember that you don`t have to add a hyphen (-).
  • A pop-up box will open with the status of your ID Card and its information. Here you can track Emirates id application status by Emirates ID tracking services.

Only In UAE:

Emirates ID tracking process can only be done if you are in UAE and more importantly A citizen of UAE. If you are from anywhere in the world except UAE then you might not be able to follow the Emirates ID Track process or even couldn’t open the website.

Emirates ID Card Status Check

With the given steps, you can check the status of the ID card that even if it’s valid or not which is verified by the emirates identity authority.  You can also check your emirates ID renewal requirements by Emirates ID application.

The data you will give to the web is provided to you by your service provider which will help you in your emirates ID track process.

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How Do I Check My EID Status:

You can check your Emirates ID status tracking As simple as just going to the official Web of FAIC and entering your data, then you will get your EID status.

How to Check My Emirates ID in Post Office:

All you have to do for emirates id status emirates post is visit the monitoring page of your parcel and enter your Emirates ID status, there you will see all information about your Parcel.

How to Know if My Emirates ID is Ready:

It is as simple as visiting the federal office of EID and asking them if your Emirates ID typing is done by now or not. However, or you can go to FAIC web and enter your application number, there you will see the process of your Emirates ID.

How Can I Get Emirates ID Registration:

To get Emirates ID, a person has to fill a form with his bio and information which will be provided to government officials for further inquiries, and then they will make the decision of giving you the Emirates ID and under what conditions.

Can I Renew The Emirates Id Application Online:

The short answer is YES. You can renew your Emirates ID online by visiting FAIC official website. There you have to fill in your current card which you want to renew over and then they will inform you whenever they start the process by email or letter which will be delivered to your house.

How To Check Empost Tracking Emirates ID Card:

To check your empost tracking, just visit Monitor tracking web of your Parcel, which might ask you for your Special Id card number if you haven`t given it before. Put the number in the given area and then you can check your empost tracking by your emirates ID.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]This article was about how you can track down your Emirates ID by just visiting their official website. Or how can you Renew your Expired or about to get an expired ID? However, or How you can apply for one Emirates ID card if you already don’t have one.

Moreover, or how you can track down your package which is in the middle of shipping just by your special number given on your ID Card. We provided you with Simple yet useful information about all you can learn about emirates id application tracking online.[/su_note]

Emirates Id Office – Karama Timing, Location And Tracking Information

Emirates Id Office:- Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship was founded in September 2004 as Emirates Identity Authority. Which can call the emirates id office to develop the population register. And the Emirates Identity program encompasses storing all the vital information of the population in the electronic databases and issuing Emirates ID to all the population which is necessary for using the services in UAE. However, Emirates Identity Authority services are provided for the individuals for UAE nationals, UAE residents, GCC residents, etc.

Office For Emirates ID

The overview of current international e-governance practices and the responsibility of the national identity management substructure program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). By approving e-governance development. It also describes the emirates id office assists in e-governance.

Emirates Id Office

The various governments worldwide had established that shelters light on some recent surveys on the delivery of e-governance by some countries. Then consult the program’s use of Identity management in the strategic initiatives. It describes their objective in the simplification of e-governance within the United Arab Emirates and describes a general standard procedure for implementation.

What are Emirates ID and emirates id offices?

It is the main identification or resident card of all UAE citizenry and nations. It’s a personal database of every resident in the UAE which must be carried at all times. However, the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) issues the Emirates ID. The card has an integrated chip (ICC or IC card) containing personal data over the resident. Including basic information, photo, and biometric data or fingerprints.

The Emirates ID card could be used in several transactions. Such as phone and internet, paying utility bills, paying fines, and registering vehicles. In a little while, it will similarly take the place of your debit card and driving license. In 2016, the Emirates ID has similarly replaced health insurance cards.

That is a legal requirement for UAE citizens and residents to apply for one. And carry it with them at all times. The Emirates ID is used to get government services to vote in the elections of FNC (Federal National Council). As a traveler document for UAE citizens to travel the GCC. As a document to pass migration through the Electronic gates. And smart gates at different airports in the UAE.

[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]

ID Card Components:

The Emirates ID card contains the following components. Which provide the highest standards of accuracy and security.

These Components Are:

Electronic or smart card Public key framework (Digital signature and authentication certificates). Fingerprint for biometric verifications.

Identification Number.

The identity card is emphasized for its identification number denominated the identity number with its holder forever. In this number, he may beneficial for all the governmental and few of the non-governmental, private entities services. Which requires the identity card and evidence of who is accessing the service. The identity number is emphasized for its sole and unique number.

Electronic Chip

E-chip contains the personal data of the cardholder. This data can be read by a machine constructed for this purpose and verify the user’s identification. Some of the data is in the scramble (in coding).

And only readable/writable/updatable. The authorized authorities in order to protect the privacy of data. This chip may store up to 32,000 letters of information.

Other Technologies

The electronic card identity card has state-of-the-art technology in the field of smart cards. Including accurate letters, ultraviolet ink, and line drawing. It has nine security features that make falsification of the card very difficult for such features excels the currently used standards in many cards such as the banking credit cards.[/su_note]

Renewing Emirates ID

When Can You Renew Your Emirates ID?

The time limit to renew an expired ID card is 30 days from the date of expiry, after which late fines of AED 20 per day will apply, with a maximum of AED 1,000 (one thousand).

Note that after the Emirates ID expires, the ID holder must apply for its renewal. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) will send you a notification via SMS requesting you to renew your ID card. You will need to submit your renewal application in person at an accredited.

You might need to visit one of FAIC’s services to provide your biometric details.

How Early Can The Emirates ID Be Renewed?

UAE nationals can apply for renewal of Emirates ID between six and one months before the expiry date.
UAE residence visa holders can only apply for renewal when their residence visa is renewed or reissued.

Karama Post Office Emirates Id Collection Timings:


The evolution of post offices in the UAE is a remarkable story on its own. The first postal agency was set up in Dubai on August 19, 1909. It took another fifty years before the country had something akin to the established postal authority, with offices in all seven emirates.

These postal services were managed through the Indian Post Office Services until 1947. And were finally established. As the General Directorate of Postal Services under the Ministry of Communications in 1972 after the emirates merged to form the UAE.

Emirates Post started in 2001, which then became Emirates Post Group in 2007. The central post office in Karama builds in 1975. This is originally known as the General Post Office (GPO) Karama.

At the time of its construction in the 1970s, it was one of the biggest buildings in the country. It included the headquarters of the postal service. The central Emirates post office Dubai and one building dedicated solely to sorting. Eventually, both the headquarters and sorting centers were moved to the Umm Ramool area. Which is now the central hub for Emirates Post.

Emirates Id Office Karama

Emirates Post is the sole provider of postal services in the country. And one of the central post offices is one of the main facilities of the entity. As of last year, a total of 80% of Emirates IDs is sent to the Karama central post office. And collected individuals who don’t have PO boxes.

However, the post office is now refurbished. Which follows the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Last August, plans were made to refurbish the Karama post office in Dubai. Which moved operations to the mezzanine floor and corner side office temporarily. As a result of these changes, waiting times have been significantly reduced at the post office.


Along with mail delivery, services offered by the central post office include money orders, international money transfers, and bill payments. You can also book Air Arabia tickets from the post office.

Once you apply for your Emirates ID, you can collect it from the central post office in Dubai upon receiving a confirmation SMS from Impost. You just have to present your Emirates ID and EIDA receipt for collection.

Once you enter the post office, you have to take your token number. And wait till your number shows up on the screen. This is a significant improvement as previously one had to stand in queues. Now there is also ample seating capacity so you can wait comfortably for your turn.

The staff is also supportive and specialist, and there are multiple resists to accommodate as many people as much as possible at a time. And even if you have to wait, there is a coffee shop at the post office as well.


A central location with close to a couple of avenues you could reach the post office. There are lots of bus routes near to the building. And taxi services are also available. Even if you live in far-off locations. There are buses that take you directly to Karama.


Karama post office opening times are from:

  • 07:30 am to 09:00 pm from Saturday to Wednesday On Thursday, Karama post office times are :
  • 07:30 am to 01:00 pm and from 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.
  • On Friday the post office is closed. During Ramadan, the Karama post office timings are 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.


The parking area within the building is also extensive to contain visitor volumes. Which is a positive point whereas the parking trouble of the Karama quarter.

However, it is easier to find parking. when you visit in the afternoon or late at night. There are no parking charges at the post office.

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Where Do I Get Emirates ID?

You can get your emirates id through the emirates id office or you can apply for your emirates id online.

How To Claim An Emirates Id In The Post Office?

when you apply for an emirates id, they invite you to their office to fill a form called “Eform” after filling the form they take your biometrics such as fingerprints.

After completing the process you receive a message or E-mail from Emirates Office informing your that your id is ready to be picked up or they send it to your given address by mailing you to the post office.

Who Will Pay For Emirates ID?

Although there may be no directive that compels businesses to endure the price of emirates identifications emirates identity authority.

 How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Emirates ID?

Applicants have to pay AED three hundred for alternatives of a lost or damaged id. Similarly, the utility is expensive of AED in case of applying through typing centers or AED forty in case of applying through the form on the ICA internet site.

Can Someone Else Collect My Emirates ID?

It may be received up by means of persons else with the original documents. (the submission slip greater or much less).[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]In conclusion, the emirates id office is the government office that provides the emirates id, also renew your id. When it got expired.  You might know that if you are not renewing your emirates id you cannot be able to use any service in the UAE.

Above all, after expiring the id you have to pay a fine after a limited time. So, it is necessary to renew or get your emirates id from the emirates id office or from online through the ICA website.[/su_note]

Guide to Emirates ID Renewal 2023, Online Renewal Process

Emirates Id Renewal is required when your id expired. Emirates id can be expired after some time. You need to renew your emirates id. If you are not renewing your emirates id then you are not able to get any service. We are here to tell you about Emirates Id Renewal.

Guide to Emirates ID Renewal

You need to get renew your id under 30 days. If you are not renewing your id in 30 days then you have to pay a fine per day. Moreover, if you are not renewing your id after expiring the emirates id you have to pay fine starts from 20 AED to 1000 AED per day, and you are also not able to use any kind of services in UAE. If you want to use all the services then you need to have a valid emirates id.

Emirates ID Renewal

However, if you worked in UAE and living there you will be aware of the Emirates id. For those, who have no idea about then I should tell you that Emirates id is an identity card that is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). Moreover, it is a legal requirement and must be carried by all UAE citizens and residents at all times.

Important Factors:

It is important to the purpose for expats to prove their identity if they are applying for a government job or government services. This identity card is also used for traveling or immigration documents as a citizen. For getting id, you need to visit the Authorized typing center or fill the online form on the ICA website.

If you want to get your emirate id renewal online then you need to visit the online site. Emirates identity authority will provide you with the renewed emirates id online. How to renew an emirate id online? The process of renewing the Emirates id renewal process is a bit different.

Emirates Id Renewal 2022:

You need to renew the emirates Id when it is expired. However, you might know that there is a limit of 30 days when you are going to get your emirates id expired. You need to get your emirates id between the 30 days before expiring the id.

However, if you get expired then you have to pay a fine of 20 AED every day. The maximum limit of the fine is 1000 AED. So, you need to be careful in this matter and need to renew your id on time.

How To Renew Emirates ID?

There are four processes to renew your emirates id.

  • Government ICA
  • Website Service
  • FAIC WebsiteSmart Android Phone App
  • Through Typing center

Moreover, you must have these documents required for emirates id renewal if you want to renew your Emirates id. There are required documents if you are over 15 years old, and there are also different documents if you are under 15 years old.

Documents that are required for over 15 years old people.

  • It requires your expired emirates id card or a copy of the emirates id
  • Your valid passport or the copy of the passport
  • Your Expired Residency

Documents that require for under 15 years old people

  • Father’s emirates id card
  • Your expired id card
  • Your valid passport
  • It also requires your unified number
  • Your original birth certificate
  • It also requires your white background personal photo
  • Size should be 4.5 – 3.5 cm

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Emirates Id Renewal For Expats:

Firstly, you need to be aware of renewing your emirates id card that is permitted to you for a specific limited time. There are always 30 days from the date of expiry. If you are trying to renew your id card after the date you will have to pay a fine of 20 AED per day and it can be up to 1000 AED, added to your emirates id renewal fees. The emirates id renewal cost will contain the fine too. These are one of the emirates id renewal requirements.

How to get an emirates id if you are a UAE resident? UAE residents can also apply for emirates id renewal whenever their visa is renewed or reissued. Moreover, you get the SMS from the ICA before 30 days of expiring your emirates id. However, you can say that it is a reminder to apply for a new card. Moreover, this SMS will contain the details about how to renew your emirates id.

The UAE id renewal process is as follows:

However, It is possible to have your emirates id renewing mail to your company address but you should state that at the time of your renewal application. Moreover, you will receive an SMS from the ICA as soon as your new ID is available.

However, if you need Emirates id renewal urgently then you can get the offer from the ICA a fast-track service that will reduce the Emirates renewal id renewal processing time. However, this service is known as Fawri that takes just 24 hours and carries the additional cost except for the fees.

Moreover, the service is available to the UAE nationals and expect GCC nationals when renewing Emirates id. UAE residents from outside the GCC can only use the fast track service when it is replacing a lost or stolen UAE id.

Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged Emirates ID card:

However, if you have damaged or misplaced your Emirates ID card or if it is stolen. You need to contact immediately to ICA to request a replacement for an Emirates Id Renewal.

However, the process of obtaining a replacement follows four simple steps:

  • Report the incident: Firstly, you need to contact your nearest Customer Happiness Centre to report your card damaged, lost, or stolen. If your card is damaged, you need to take your old card with you. If it is lost or stolen, you should ask for a copy of the ID for you to keep in the time to use the services.
  • Apply for replacement: Secondly, you have to fill the application for a replacement ID either in person or via the ICA website or app.
  •  Pay fees: Now you have to pay the fee for a replacement Emirates ID card is AED 300 plus AED 70 when applying in a typing center and AED 40 if applying online. Moreover, the express replacement service costs are AED 150.
  • Collect your replacement ID: As soon as your ID is ready, you will receive an SMS from ICA. Replacements are usually issued within 24 hours.

Emirates ID Renewal Requirements:

However, when you are submitting your UAE ID card renewal, you should have your current ID card, passport, UAE visa, and credit card details to fulfill your requirements.

Moreover, you will also require upload and submit several documents which include:

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#d90510″ indent=”5″]

  • Front and back scans of your current ID card
  • Scan of your passport details page
  • Scan of your UAE visa page
  • Passport photo was taken within the last three months (if wishing to change your ID photo)


Emirates ID Renewal Cost And Fees, 2022

You might know that the Emirates ID renewal fee for expats is AED 100 for every year of validity. It is usually two or three years. However, if you wish to submit your application to a typing office rather than online, there is an additional AED 70 service charge which you have to pay.

Moreover, when you are applying online, you are also required to pay visa fees. However, AED 200 for two years and AED 300 for three years, plus an AED 40 online service fee. As I have mentioned above, for the 24-hour fast-track service, an additional AED 150 you have to pay.

You’re Stress-free Emirates ID

However, if you’re armed with the right knowledge, applying for your Emirates ID card and not being overly complex. It has been said that there is required prior knowledge of the process. Moreover, it is important to know that the application process is only to the point process. If your renewal application is completed at the time of submission and free from errors then you have done well.

[su_box title=”Here’s What We Did to Get to Renew Your id Online” style=”noise” box_color=”#f11f1f”]

Renewal Application Form

Usually, most people visit the Authority centers for this process. But you can complete the application form online in English OR Arabic from your home or office. And most people use their app for applying for new IDs, Renew Emirates ID Card, or Exchange cards.

Emirates ID Online.

You have to read documents for reference Current Emirates ID card, original passport, visa page on your passport(the orange visa stamp on your passport) and your credit card you need these documents in electronic copies for download you also need a scanned electronic copy of your current Emirates ID card (front and backside) also scan your passport (personal and family details) and a scanned copy of visa page of your passport.

If your Emirates ID card photo is old and you want to change your photo to the new ID card, you can keep electronic duplicates/copies of your passport photo with a white background on the go. It is better if you use your new photos or at least a photo from the last 3 months.

Log in or Register.

If you’re willing to log in or register you have to go to the Emirates Official ID card services website and register yourself as a new user, you can choose your email address and username. The website also asks about your UAE phone number and sends you an OTP code for the verification of your number. Then you enter the OTP code in the given section, then the generated email password will be sent to your email address which is registered.

Use this password which you received by email address and login into your account and don’t forget to change your password because it’s not secure you have to change your password to something else that you can remember easily. All you have to do however went to the profile tab on the right side of the page and click “edit profile” to change your password

Start Your Application For How to Apply For Emirates ID.

So, you will see a lot of choices starting from new ID to replacing the old lost cards. For this guide service, we will only be working with the renewal of your already in-use id. First of all click an option “Renew your id” there, and a completely new page will open up in front of you on a new tab if you are using a PC.

Application Tips

You have to enter your details carefully, you must have to check your expiration dates, number, and name details are accurate. The IDN is the number on your card, while the UID (United Identification Number) is on the visa page of your passport. As you have to enter these numbers, spaces or hyphens carefully will be appeared automatically.

The file number of residency is also put on your visa page. When you enter this, the format in the form requires you to put a zero that isn’t in your number-like this XXXX-XXXX XXXX-0-xxxxxxxx. Count these numbers and make sure that you write these numbers correctly.

While you giving your number details, if unfortunately, you don’t have a family Name then your last name will become your family name. The last name is a required field on the page, so make sure your name appears properly.
If you make mistake, when you entered your data then you have to call on this number 600530003 immediately let them know.

They will return the app to you within 24 hours after the update you have to be able to put your data again and they charge an extra fee for it. When your card is issued by the Emirates, then the changes become more difficult and too much expensive.

If you are confused about anything at any time, call 600530003 and talk with a customer representative. Ensure that each required field is completed correctly


The Emirates ID fee for expatriates is 100 dirham for each year after the validity which is usually either two or three years, or you can also pay an EA D70 for a service fee.

When you’re renewing your Emirates ID card you must have to pay the visa fee (200 dirhams for two years and 300 dirhams for three years) you also have to pay an additional 40 dirhams for the online services-so 240 or 340 dirhams are charged


For renewing the Emirates ID card the next step is you have to visit Medical Center to take a medical exam for the ID card. Before visiting the Medical Center remember that you have to carry your passport copies, current Emirates ID card, copies, and the renewal Emirates ID card, application.

After this you can get a form from typing center you can choose a Medical Center That you want your report regular or urgent if you want your report urgent then you have to charge extra dirhams. The regular cost is 270 dirhams plus 50 dirhams for printing.[/su_box]

You can receive your report through an email from the Medical Center within a week

Body Procedure:

When you get your medical report you must have to submit your application form your passport copies, Emirates ID card copy, insurance card copy, your medical report, and two passport photos to the HR or PRO team. Emirates identity authority also takes detailed information about this sponsor. So it is much better to do this through the company and then the employees.

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What Is Emirates Id Renewal Etisalat?

Etisalat is the UAE  app to renew your emirates id. You can apply on emirates id renewal Etisalat.

How To Check Du Emirates Id Renewal Status?

Firstly, you need to go to the du website and enter your emirates id. You can check your du emirates id renewal status.

What Is ICA Emirates Id Renewal?

The ICA emirates id renewal is the process of renewal of your emirates id. You can check the process which we have given in this article.

Emirates Id Renewal Covid?

Emirates id renewal should be in time before 30 days. But as you know covid has stopped all the process. So. UAE provides some relief during covid.

How To Check Emirates Id Renewal Status?

However, you can check your emirates id renewal status by tracking your id through an online site.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]In conclusion, I should mention that you can check your Emirates id renewal status and also apply for it. You can check the process of how to renew your emirates id.

Here we have mentioned the emirates id renewal. On this site, you can check all the details about your emirates id here[/su_note]

Emirates Id Center And How Can Apply For New Emirates Id Card

Emirates Id Center: It is a special ID card issued by the UAE government for citizens and UAE residents. It is a special card that contains information about you, such as your Name, Special Number, Dates of birth, etc.

The Emirates ID is really useful on a daily basis of life as it is used to buy groceries, utilities, open a bank account, close a bank account, or even buy property real estate. To fulfill this requirement emirates id center is available.

Emirates ID Center Website

IF you don`t have an Emirates ID and you are a citizen or resident of UAE then you should get that ID as soon as possible.

You have 2 ways to apply for your own UAE ID card.

  • You can go to their website of Emirates ID fill your form and they will let you know when your ID card is ready to be picked up.
  • There are many Emirates ID centers e.g.: emirates id center Abu Dhabi, emirates id center al Barsha, emirates id center Sharjah and Emirates Id center in Karama. You can visit one of their Id centers.
  •  There they will give you an Eform. You have to fill it with your personal details such as Name, Number, and date of birth. And they will inform you when your ID card is ready.

Emirates Id Center 24 Hours Dubai:

Due to COVID-19, most people are staying at home and they are applying for their ID cards from their homes. The process to apply for your ID card while staying at home is given below:

To get your ID card online, First of all, visit their online website of Emirates ID card and select apply for a new Id card. Then you will see a form, fill that form according to your information, and then register that. Just after your form is filled, it is sent to the emirates id center in Dubai or any ID center near you.

You will get a notification of when your ID card is ready, but you will have to visit the ID center for your biometrics, if you live in Abu Dhabi then you can visit one of the emirates id fingerprinting centers in Abu Dhabi for your biometrics used on your ID card. After Biometrics, you will soon receive your ID card.

Emirates Id Office:

If you don`t want to apply online for your ID card and want to do all the process physically then you should visit one of the ID centers all over Dubai eg: Karama emirates id center, al Barsha emirates id center, Dubai emirates id center.  There are more than one emirates id center in Dubai, you can visit any of them.

These ID centers will provide you a form called “Eform”, You have to fill the form with your personal information such as Name, Date of birth, Number, etc.  After filling the form, you have to give your biometrics. There are few emirates id fingerprinting centers in Abu Dhabi only and also in many other cities such as emirates id fingerprinting centers in Dubai.

Emirates Id Center And How Can Apply For New Emirates Id Card

You can also visit one of the few Emirates id biometrics centers in Dubai. There they will get your fingerprint and add it to your papers. Then soon or later you will receive a message from them informing you that your ID card is ready to be picked up from their office or it will be sent to your Mail.

Emirates ID Price:

Emirates ID card prices depend upon the validity offer you choose. For example, if you choose a 5-year plan then you have to pay 100 AUD. While the other 10-year validity plan costs about 200 AUD. And your ID card will be valid to you for the next upcoming 10 years.

Emirates Identity Authority Registration Centers:

There are many Emirates ID authority centers eg: emirates identity authority Sharjah and emirates identity authority Karama Or Emirates ID Al Barsha center and (sonapur) emirates id center.

If you want to apply for your card you can visit one of many emirates identity authority centers. You can also tell them about your complaints in authority centers.

Most people wonder to find emirates id center near. Just type of google emirates id typing center near me and it will provide you with the nearest located center to you.

Emirates Center Timings:

Timing for Emirates id service center, Emirates id typing center, and emirates identity authority center, Indian passport renewal center Dubai Karama have a timetable to open and close offices, the time table is given below for offices of Emirates Center.

[su_table responsive=”yes” alternate=”no”]

Friday Closed
  • Closed
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm
  • 7:30am–2:30pm



ICA is the Federal authority for Identity and Citizenship. ICA provides different facilities according to the status of people living in the UAE. There are many ICA centers including ICA Dubai.

Citizen:  citizens can apply for all services provided by the government e.g: applying for the Emirates ID card or applying for a passport by this federation.

Residents:  UAE residents can apply for their Citizenship or visa etc with this federation.

Visitors:  Visitors can apply for entry visas. And other services are given to people on a visit to UAE by this federation.

GCC Citizens:  GCC citizens can apply for services according to their sponsors in addition to the services given by emirates ID.

GCC Resident:  GCC Residents can apply for services that are related to entry visas for this type. And the administrator and visa after the insurance.

Emirates ID Call Center:

Emirates call center is a call service center by the government of the emirate. IF you want to complain about something in the UAE system. Or want some help regarding any other thing about the UAE Id card. However, they will listen to your complaint or help you out with whatever problem you are facing related to the Emirates ID card.

There are many Calling centers which also include emirates call center Dubai, which is one of the biggest branches of it. You can call them anything regarding your problem to ask them.

Emirates calling centers also provide an immigration system you can ask anything about immigration too by just calling them. Almost all of the calling centers provide this facility but the Abu Dhabi immigration call center is the most famous and busy amongst them.

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How To Contact Emirates ID Center?

You can contact the Emirates ID center through the online website or you can go to the office by yourself. If you want to contact the website or wanted to renew your emirates id you can check the ICA website.

[su_note note_color=”#b2dbf8″]

ICA Head Office Address

  1. Tel: +971 2 4955555.
  2. Fax: +971 2 4955550.
  3. Email:[/su_note]

How Do I Change My Phone Number On Emirates ID Card:

You can change the phone number given on your ID card in two ways.

  • Visit the ICA website, fill the Eform given to you, then pay the price for number replacement. And they will inform you when your number is changed.
  • Or you can visit an Emirates ID card Center and fill the form in it and then add a new number. Then they will update your number on the ID card.

 How Long Does It Take To Get Emirates ID After A Medical Exam?

Soon after you enter or do your internal transfer your HR or PRO team would ask you to do the medicals within 7 to 30 working days.

And then you should receive your medical fit to work certificate from the health authority with 7 to 10 working days. Meanwhile, you might need to fill the formalities required for Emirates ID i.e Fingerprint and Eye scanning, etc.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]

In conclusion, this article is briefly about different emirates id centers all over the UAE. We provide you with the right information about their timings and off days.

However, we also provided you with the information on the process of applying for your Emirates id center. We also explained to you what are the services of ICA. Therefore, we provided you with the correct price for the emirates id card.[/su_note]

How To Get A UAE Residence Visa in 2023

The process of obtaining a UAE residence visa is relatively simple, and there are many benefits to having one. In this article, we will outline the requirements, process, cost, and types of UAE residence visas, as well as how to renew and cancel them.

The Benefits of a UAE Residence Visa

There are many benefits to having a UAE residence visa. For one, it allows you to live and work in the country for an extended period of time. You will also have access to free healthcare and education, as well as other social benefits. Furthermore, as a resident, you will be able to own property in the UAE.

UAE residence visa

In addition, residents are also able to obtain a UAE driver’s license and open a bank account. There are many opportunities for residents to get involved in the community, and they are also able to travel to other countries with ease. Overall, having a UAE residence visa provides many advantages and opportunities.

The Requirements for a UAE Residence Visa

There are a few requirements that you will need to meet in order to be eligible for a UAE residence visa. Firstly, you must have a valid passport from your country of citizenship. Secondly, you must have a valid employment offer from a UAE-based company. Finally, you will need to undergo a medical examination to prove that you are in good health.

In addition to the above requirements, you will also need to submit a completed application form, as well as supporting documents such as your educational qualifications and professional experience. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be issued a UAE residence visa, which will allow you to live and work in the UAE.

The Process of Applying for a UAE Residence Visa

The first step in applying for a UAE residence visa is to submit all of the required documents to the relevant authorities. These documents include your passport, employment offer, and medical examination results. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a residence visa which will be valid for up to three years.

After you have received your residence visa, you will need to register your visa with the local authorities. This can be done by submitting your visa and passport to the nearest Immigration office. You will also need to pay a registration fee, which is currently AED 420.

Once your visa has been registered, you will be issued a residency permit. This permit will be valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional two years. After four years of continuous residency, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency in the UAE.

The Cost of a UAE Residence Visa

The cost of a UAE residence visa varies depending on your nationality and the type of visa that you are applying for. For most nationalities, the standard price is AED 2,000 for a three-year visa. However, there are some discounts available for certain categories of people, such as students and senior citizens.

If you are a student, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 50%. To apply for this discount, you will need to submit a copy of your student ID card or a letter from your university. Senior citizens (aged 60 and over) are also eligible for a discount of up to 50%.

If you are applying for a work visa, the cost will be AED 3,000. This includes a one-time processing fee of AED 1,000. Work visas are valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional two years.

The Types of UAE Residence Visas

There are several different types of UAE residence visas, each of which is designed for a specific purpose. The most common type is the work visa, which allows you to live and work in the UAE. There are also residence visas for retirees, investors, and dependents of residents.

The work visa is the most common type of UAE residence visa. This type of visa allows you to live and work in the UAE. To apply for a work visa, you will need a job offer from a UAE employer. You will also need to meet the minimum salary requirements and have a health certificate.

The retirement visa is for people who are over the age of 55 and want to retire in the UAE. To apply for this type of visa, you will need to have a monthly income of at least AED 20,000. You will also need to have a health certificate.

The investor visa is for people who want to invest in a UAE company. To apply for this type of visa, you will need to have a minimum investment of AED 1 million. You will also need to have a business plan and a health certificate.

The dependent visa is for people who are dependents of UAE residents. To apply for this type of visa, you will need to have a sponsor who is a UAE resident. You will also need to have a health certificate.

How to Renew a UAE Residence Visa

Your UAE residence visa will need to be renewed every three years in order to remain valid. The process of renewing your visa is similar to the initial application process, and you will need to submit all of the same documents. The cost of renewing your visa is also the same as the initial application fee.

To begin the renewal process, you will need to log in to the e-services portal on the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Once you have logged in, you will need to click on the ‘Visa Renewal’ service, and then select the type of visa that you wish to renew. You will then be asked to provide some personal information, after which you will be able to select an appointment date and time for your visa renewal.

On the day of your appointment, you will need to go to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs with your original passport, a copy of your passport, a copy of your current visa, and a copy of your Emirates ID card. You will also need to pay the visa renewal fee, which can be paid in cash or by credit card. Once your documents have been submitted and the fee has been paid, your visa will be renewed and you will be able to continue living and working in the UAE.

How to Cancel a UAE Residence Visa

There are a few reasons why you might need to cancel your UAE residence visa. For example, if you no longer have a valid employment offer, or if you have been granted citizenship in another country. To cancel your visa, you will need to submit a written request to the relevant authorities. There is no fee for canceling your visa.

Ways Of Emirates Id Fine Check Online in 2 Minutes 2023

Emirates Id Fine Check:- Emirates id is a unique Dubai emirates id issued by the UAE government to citizens. This ID contains their information about Name, Number, Special 8-digit number, and other data eg: date of birth. This ID  also helps the government to track down any data of that individual ID cardholder. However, the emirates id fine check process has become very easy because of govt. facilities.

How To Get Emirates ID And Emirates Id Fine Check:

If you are new in UAE or just completed your age for Emirates ID card and you don`t know how to get it then no need to worry, we will tell you how to get your emirates ID with nothing more than some easy and simple steps.

Emirates Id Fine Check Online

You have to visit their offices to apply for a UAE ID card and provide them with your details or you can just see the Emirates website and fill E-form with your data and information and they will inform you whenever your id is ready to be picked up.


Emirates ID is used almost daily in life such as buying a new sim card, card packages, homes, and real estate. Or anything else. Emirates ID is also used in other processes such as opening a new bank account or closing your old account within a few steps. It can also be used to buy utilities. It is also the only thing required while applying for a driving license.

Emirates ID fine:

Emirates ID fine is a fine sent onto your Emirates ID card and you can either keep their record or pay your dues. If you don`t pay the fine, it always stays on your emirates ID card till you clear your due fines. For Emirates ID Card Fine inquiry, you can visit their online website. Emirates ID’s fine inquiry process can also be checked out in official offices in almost every city in UAE.

Fine Reasons:

If you break any law in UAE such as not following Covid-19 Precautionary measures. Get a parking ticket or a road crossing fine with emirates ID. Jaywalking fine in Dubai emirates id. Then the fine will be sent onto your UAE ID card.

You will get a notification whenever you get a fine but in case you don`t get it or you want to check your older fines. Then you can check and pay your fine in two ways, either you can visit any official office and pay your fine there or you can visit their online websites and pay your fines and dues.

Dubai Emirates id Fine:

Many people wonder that in this situation of COVID-19, how to check the fine on the Emirates ID card. But it is really simple and easy. Abu Dabhi Fine check system provides a really good and easy user-friendly interface online.

Not only in Abu Dabhi but all UAE fine check system is really furnished. SO, all you have to do is visit their website and follow our given steps in the next paragraph.

How to Check your Fine:

There are a few steps to check your fine or check your emirates id status online injust few steps are given below.

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#d90510″ indent=”5″]

  • First of all, Visit the Abu Dhabi Police Website or App to get rid of fines on Emirates id in Abu Dhabi.
  • Click on the Public Services followed by traffic fine inquiry.
  • Select Inquire by emirates ID
  • Enter your emirates ID in the given section
  • There you will get a captcha code, enter the given code to prove you are not a bot.
  • Now you have complete details about your Fines and penalties in UAE.


IF you have any fine or penalty it will show emirates id’s fine details, its reason, and all other details such as fine location and ID card number in a Page form.

IF you don`t have any fine or penalty you will see the “NO FINES”  Option there which simply means you don`t have to pay any dues or fines.

Offline Way:

Most people are paying their fines due to Covid-19 but if you are doubted the online system or you want to pay it by your own hands then you can visit one of their many Offices including the emirates identity authority Sharjah. You can visit them and pay your fines with your own hands and you can also get a receipt as proof.

Where Can I Get Biometrics For Emirates ID?

EIDA CENTER – To get your Biometrics for emirates id you have to visit EIDA Center near the clinic and give your Fingerprints on a form.

  • How to Replace Emirates ID:
  • First of all, write down the incident that happened with your Emirates ID and then apply for a new Emirates ID. The process will be the same as applying for the first time as you have to fill your form with your information and register it
  • Pay the fees required to get a new ID
  • Go and Collect your brand new ID card

[su_box title=”FAQ’s” style=”noise” box_color=”#f11f1f”]

How To Get Emirates ID?

To get an Emirates ID card, you have to visit their FAIC website and fill a form with your information and data such as name, date of birth, etc and they will tell you whenever your ID card is ready.

How Much Is The Fine For Emirates ID?

There is time for renewal of your emirates id and it is 30 days before expiring the id. After that, you will have to pay a fine of 20 AED per day and the maximum is 1000 AED.

How Can I Check My Fine In UAE?

You can check your emirates id fine on UAE official police website or app.

How Do You Know If You Have Fine In Dubai?

To check fine, if you have or are not in Dubai you have to visit the RTA website.

  1. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website
  2. Plate details
  3. License number
  4. Fine number
  5. Traffic file number

How Can I Cancel My Emirates Id Fine?

If you want to cancel your emirates id fine, you can contact EIDA via the “Ask Hamad” service or you can call on 6005-30003.

How Can I Travel With An Emirates ID?

Emirates Govt made it really simple and easy for UAE citizens and residents to travel by air through their emirates ID. You can use an emirates ID card at E-gate on the 3rd terminal at Dubai international airport on arrival. You don`t even need the service activated for such travel.

Emirates ID Validity?

Emirates ID’s validity depends upon the price you pay. For example, if you pay 100 AED then your Card will be valid for 5 years and if you pay 200 AED then your UAE card will be valid for the next 10 years straight.

How Many Days Will It Take For Visa Stamping in UAE?

20 days – It will take at least 10-20 days for your visa to get stamped officially by the UAE government. You will receive a message from them when your Visa is stamped.

Who Should Pay For Emirates ID?

In the policy, there is nothing written about who is supposed to pay neither about insurance companies nor about companions.[/su_box]


[su_note note_color=”#dffef9″]

This article is based upon what is UAE, what are its features and uses. Why is it important to both government and the people? However, why do people get emirates id fines on their ID?

Why is it especially sent on their id rather than physical form, and how you can pay for the fine both ways whether you want to pay online or want to visit their offices for such matter?[/su_note]