Emirates ID Status – Check ID Card Status Online Free 2021

Emirates id is the self-identity card. How to check emirates id status? In this article, we will tell you all about the Emirates id and how to check the Emirates id status. You will also know about the Emirates Id Application, Emirates Id Card Status, Emirates Id renewal & Emirates Id Authority.

Check Emirates ID Card Status Online

Emirates id status check is to help all the emirates people to check all the relevant topics with the details which might be very helpful for anyone who is living there. The Emirates Identity Authority inquires about the id card status check of the applied application. This is a link to check the status of the required identity application via Emirates Identity Authority.

This was inveterate on September 29, 2004, according to Federal Law No. 02 of 2004. This fulfills the demands of the population registry within the id card program that was especially concerned with the personal data for the resident of the Arab Emirates on different electronic bases. In addition, if someone wants to issue their ID card for discrete which involves the ID number and their personal data.

ID Status

Emirates ID is specifically used in Dubai, but you can check how it can be used. Moreover, we are here to give you some basic processes and details that will use to explore the information about Emirates ID. Here all the information is written for the UAE. You can use the methods and content for UAE people or for those who are still in this country.


Emirates ID Status

So, first of all, it is important to know about the Emirates ID. It is an identification card that is issued by the Federal Authority for both id and citizenship. This is the legal necessity of several UAE taxpayers and for the employee to personally take together all the time. Check emirates id status is really important for all the peoples.

UAE citizens and residence both need to obtain an Emirates ID to live or work in the country. To check the id status you need to stay with this article [https://emiratesidstatus.net].

Emirates ID Status:

Emirates id application status or details checking both are the same terms where the user can check the available current status and details about the UAE emirates id. It is really simple and one to two steps away.

However, it means you don’t need to worry about any kind of registration form and information to put. The user needs to provide the whole details and then get the results. Emirates id tracking is really easy and one or two-step away.

Basically, the emirates ID card is officially issued by the official Department of Emirates. On this card, the ID card contains all the services and professional details mentioned. Moreover, the emirates id status check also provides you the detail about the services which you are getting from the UAE.

You might know that UAE is the state where all the world’s best companies are working. Every person wants to come there and look for a job to get income. The people go there and look for the purposes, it can be a job or visiting, or if they are living there for a long time they need to get this. However, we will mention it here and explain id card status.

Check Emirates ID Status Profile

About inquiring, regarding the Emirates id Status of requesting the electronic data which will give you the services which you required from the service provider. However, this service you with tracking application electronically facility when you are submitting your application for entry permission or for the visa at a service center.

Moreover, For requesting the Emirates id Card status check you will require the reference number which is given on the application. This process is really easy to perform and to check the status of the application online. If required there are other numbers available that can help you check the status and regarding any information.

The permission for entry and visa applications are submitted in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. However, you can follow the Emirates ID card status of a given application. And you can identify the submission by channel platform of Federal Authority for identity and citizenship. You can check the Emirates Id status by following these steps.

  • Firstly, you have to open the website portal that is given to you for checking the status
  • Your interaction with the mobile or laptop screen will show the Home Screen.
  • You have to look at the left side corner you will be able to see the box which will label with the “Emirates ID Status”, You just have to place your ID card number and then click on the button which is labeled Next.
  • After clicking on the Next button your information regarding Emirates will appear on the screen.


Moreover, if you are unaware of the PRAN number then you don’t need to worry about this. You can be able to check the number on the application form. The PRAN number will appear on the top of the page of the application form.

The centers of Dubai or the Amer centers provide the facility of tracking down the Emirates ID card Status of the applications of the entry permits and visas. Moreover, there is a facility of entry permission through the eForm platform for the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs located in Dubai.

  • There are many additional channels that provide the facility of checking the facility and entry permits or visa issuing applications by the government of Dubai.
  • You can check the information or details regarding the Website which provides the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai through this site.
  • Also, you can inquire or get details of the visa or entry permit application of the Amer centers in the Emirates of Dubai.
  • The given link will send the message or you can talk to the commanding office immediately through our website.
  • You have to click here for inquiring about the status of residency or about the visas or about the entry permits through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, you can also track visas and entry permits through the website for the sponsored. If you need some other details or any kind of help then you can get that from customer happiness centers.

Renewal Old Emirates ID Card

First of all, you need to apply for a visa in the Emirates and you have to pass the medical tests as required, you need one more thing that is required covid-19 test that is a necessary part. You have to pass this test then you will apply for the renewal. You have to fill the citizens and residents Emirates ID form which can be available by any computer center in Dubai.

On the other hand, you can get this through ICA centers.  Furthermore, if none of the methods are available then you can simply go to the website and open the Official ICA portal and can get directly print out the citizen’s and resident’s ID card forms.

You need to check the application status or renew the citizens or residents Emirates ID card for citizens. After that when it will expire then it will necessary for anyone or for any age person and group. Emirates Identity Authority will give you several available channels. There are channels that can help you one of them will surely help you if any of them is not working. These channels names are available here:

  • Happiness Service Centers.
  • Emirates Identity Center website.
  • Smart application.
  • Printing offices.

However, The citizens and residents of Emirates Identity Authority have also set renewal service fees regarding the application, as follows:

  • AED 100: There is a fee for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
  • And AED 200: There is a fee for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.
  • AED 40: Moreover, there is a service fee.
  • And AED 150: There is an urgent service fee.
  • AED 30: There is typing office fee.

Customers happiness centers

o 290 AED (100 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
o 390 UAE dirhams (200 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.

Smart application / electronic form system

140 AED (100 + 40): It requires fees for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
o 240 UAE dirhams (200 + 40): It requires fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.

Printing offices

o 170 UAE dirhams (100 + 40 + 30): There is Fee for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
o 270 AED (200 + 40 + 30): It has a fee for issuing a card valid for 10 years.

Renewal Old Emirates ID Card.

If your card is expired which is status citizens and residents Emirates ID card and now its time to renew your Emirates id card then you should follow some of these requirements,

  • You need to provide the original or you can give the photocopy of your Emirates ID card and can check the status online.
  • However, you need to provide the original passport for a residence visa.
  • Then you have to fill the required citizens and residents Emirates Id card form and then press the submit button to submit to the ICA office.

Once you have completed all of the steps now you need to follow the final steps.  Where you have to pay the fee which is required for an Emirates ID card and check the status. This fee contains the same amount of the money for the Lost ID card or Renewal ID card and you can also check the status.

  • It requires 2 Years of Emirates ID card Fees that are 270 AED.
  • Moreover, it requires 3 Years of Emirates ID card Fees that are 370 AED.
  • If your Emirates ID Card is Lost then You have to Pay an Extra 100 AED as a fine.

Emirates ID Status Check:

You need to check the emirates id status only in two basic steps that are simple and common. These methods help you know the emirates id application status, validation status, and emirates id renewal status. There are two methods to check the emirates id status.

  • ICA Website
  • Voice Method

Emirates ID Status ICA:

If you want to check your application or emirates id card status through the ICA website. You need to follow the steps for checking the status.

Step 1:

You need to visit the UAE ICA website government portal. https://ica.gov.ae/en

portal language

Step 2:

Now you have to choose the English language to use this portal.

Step 3:

Click on “check emirates id status” from the top option of the ICA portal.

Step 4:

Now in the section of Emirates ID card enter your Emirates ID card number.

If you do not know about the PRAN Number then you don’t need to worry about it. However, you can check this Number on the Application Form. You can check the PRAN number at the top of the page.

Application Form

However, Applications for entry permits and visas submitted by Dubai, or through Amer centers, where you can track the Emirates ID Card Status of the visa application or entry permit through the Vision eForm platform of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai.

  • Also, there are many channels to follow up for applications and the status of entry permits or visas issued by the Dubai government without any difficulties.
  • Enquire about Dubai visa transactions through the website of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai from here.
  • However, you can get an Inquiry about the status of a visa/entry permit application that you have submitted at the Amer centers in the Emirate of Dubai from here.
  • There is an available link that Sends a message or talks to a commanding office immediately from here.
  • Inquire about the status of residency/visas and entry permits from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and track visas and entry permits for the sponsored through the Dubai website. For More Details, you can Get from customers’ happiness centers on the site.

Step 5:

Now you need to click On “Check” To Emirates id status.

Emirates ID Status Checking Through Voice Call.

You can also check Emirates id status check through Voice Call. You need to follow the following steps on check your id.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to dial 600-5300-o3 on Any Mobile Phone network or Use your Home Phone landline number to check your Emirates id status.

Step 2You need to ask the Customer for Your Emirates id status. The customer asked you for Verification. Verify Yourself and provide Emirates id number or application number or Passport number.

Step 3: Now you have to wait for a Few Seconds to know about your card status. The Customer center provides you with all details of your emirates id.

Application Status

However, if your status come valid then you must need to note your expiration date. In the case of Emirates id Expiry date, you need to renew your emirates id. You can check your application status online by following this website. Moreover, you can get all the details regarding the emirates id and emirates id status as I gave mentioned above.

If you have already sent a request for the renewal of your id then you have to wait for a few days and then check your application status through ICA.  Moreover, mostly the Emiratis Status will change automatically after 24 hours right after the submission of your request. If they don’t change after a few days then you need to check the ICA Application Status of your card renewal request by following the above ways.

For Gaining this Status you have on your valid passport. Otherwise, you can not submit an Application for this Card because it is out of legal. A valid passport means a passport that did not expire yet. Or you can say that passport has the remaining 6 months for expiring.  However, an expired passport will not be acceptable for this type of application submission at all.

With this, you have to provide the family book on that your family details are mentioned. Otherwise, you can also use your marriage documents or school valid documents, etc for this type of status checking.

More About Application Status:

Moreover, if you want to apply for this card then you have to fill document as Online Form. This form will be based on all these types of information. Moreover, you can get this form from this Site. Where you have to provide simple details like name, address, and passport number then all you have to submit the application after that you will get the application number according to the application form. You can also check your tracking number. And this tracking number also be used for checking the Emiratis ID Status.

However, you can also get all this information from the EDA site. The important thing is when you will be done with the application submission you will also receive the message from the site or customer of this service.  Moreover, you can also ask them for any type of information regarding this process.

There is a myth that Most people think that they can not travel in Dubai without an Emiratis ID but it’s not true you can travel anywhere in the UAE without an Emiratis ID.

This will happen at that time when you have the Visa stamp on your passport, and your passport is also valid.  It means an expired passport will not be acceptable for this type of travel purpose, or the important thing expired passport will not be accepted anywhere in UAE because it is illegal.

There is another Query regarding applying on the Emirates ID. It means if you have the expired ID then what will happen to you. It’s not the bigger issue if this query is currently applying to you. You will get some limited emirate id fine on it which is 20 AED.

How To Check Emirates ID Status?

You can check your Emirates Id status through the ICA website & voice call as I have mentioned above. However, both these methods are really fast and easy for those who wanted to know about their card status.

  • For ICA Methods Visit ICA Website and Select the Language mentioned above. Firstly you need to click on the id status check if you are there regarding checking your emirate id status inquiry. Now you have to enter your number of id card even though if you want to know about the renewal application status. Moreover, click on the check button to inquire about your id status.
  • For Voice Method Dial 600-5300-o3. If you want to talk with a customer about your card status. You need to verify yourself first, then provide the application or id number to your customer man. Now, the customer man will tell you about your emirates id status.

Emirates ID Renewal

In Dubai, the emirates id renewal issues are mostly faced by that person who comes on a visa or the one who has the Emirates ID. Here are some basic details about the Emirates id renewal process. Or some of its features or limits that will help you to understand the whole process and concept about this Topic.

Basically, why do we have to check this emirates id renewal, Or why do we have to do this emirates id Renewal Process? there are some queries that come first and then we have to search about this.

emirates id is the type of National ID card used for Showing you some official identity as a citizen or resident in UAE. So, if this Expired then how you will your details to others and how will you get your services via emirates id?

Here the some basic and needed information about the emirates card which is based on all the topics. You will learn all the processes and details which are required to help you regarding getting all the information about emirates id renewal.

  • The UAE or those People who have the emirates id. Those can renew their emirates id in six months or 1 month before its expiration. Once it is out of the limit the person has to pay for it as a fine.
  • And about the visa holder who also has the emirates id. They can also apply for emirates id renewal before Visa re-issuing.

Renewal process

While applying for the Application for visa renewal your next or the second step will be your citizens and residents Emirates ID card processing. You should be aware that your visa, citizens, and residents Emirates ID card will be on the same days of renewal. Moreover, your card approval through the ICA will be for 1 year or for 2 years in Emirates then you should know that your Emirates ID card will be valid for the same time.

In that case, if your citizens and residents Emirates ID Card and your visa will be valid for the same time it can be 2 or 1 year. You can get all the details about applying the new citizens and residents Emirates id card or process for the renewal Emirates ID is available at this website.

Emirates ID Application Status

However, the Emirates id application forgets a new ID. When you Submit your emirates id application to the ICA Customer Care you get a notification of the date via massage when you will get the new emirates id. Commonly, the new emirates id gets issued l48 Hours After Submitting its Application.

And you will also alter the details on you are ID. This will only happen that time whenever you request a new ID. otherwise, on issued emirates id you can not change your details. Another thing is that whenever you will change or update your details on the ID you have to report to the concerned department. After it, You can alter your details.

Follow These Methods to Check Your Emirates ID Application Status

Step#1: Firstly, visit the ICA website for application status.

Step#2: In your ICA portal choose the English Language

Step#3: Click On the “Emirates ID Application Status” Button

Step#4: In New Page Enter Your Application Number and Click on Check Button to Know your application status

In The Case Of Stolen Your Id What You Have To Do?

There are many questions that cannot be answerable. But here we are talking about the legal process which can be handled through the legal process.

Firstly, whenever you have lost your id card or made it stolen what do you have to do? Firstly you have to report the stolen or lost emirates id to the nearest ICA Customer Care. Where you will get all the information about it and they will guide you to make sure that your id cannot be misused.

After Reporting the Incident then appeal for the Deactivate your emirates id before its used anywhere else as a criminal use. Mostly, Customer Care asks you about lost emirates id Copy or any prof which define your id information. In this case, always Bring an old id or a copy of the id to customer care.

Request For Exemption For The Late Fine

According to the government rule, each and every person has to pay a fine which will collect while submitting the ID card renewal application. Moreover,  if you are not paying the fee on the due date or it exceeds the period according to the rule of 30 days after the expiration date. 

It will cost 20 dirhams for each day after the due date it can cost one thousand with a maximum price. Those people who meet all the requirements according to the services and terms. Then fee exemption by submitting an application will be provided by the authority.

As I have mentioned above, If you are facing some problem regarding application submission or any other help regarding the emirates id. You can get it from the customer happiness center while applying for the Emirates Id. 

Conditions For Applying For A Late Fine Exemption

Individually the one who has left the country for more than three months and their id expired while they are out of the country. If anyone’s card has expired while they departure then they have to deport by administrative decisions or you can say that a court ruling. Those people whose passport has been seized pending lawsuits or it can due to passport renewal. 

Those who have some dangerous diseases or the one who is a clinically incapacitated person, or it can be a person who has a partial or total disability. It can be the person who has expired his residency or he was out of the country after the date of departure. 

There are many errors that occurred due to some authority’s systems and their sponsored person can be delayed by the category of persons subject to social security and category of diplomatic missions and consults in e embassies and consulates senior citizen. It has been there for more than 70 years and more.

Regarding any kind of queries about visa applications from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and umm Al Quwain. According to these centers and regarding the application you can contact the center by using this number which I have mentioned here. This number is for helping the customers. You can contact the Federal Authority for identity and citizenship at 600522222. Otherwise, you can get help from the customer’s happiness centers. 

Emirates Id Card

Emirates id Card is Card that is used for all-purpose in UAE as an identity card. Without this card, all kinds of Services, Jobs, and accounts will ban for you in UAE. However, this ban will be lifted when you have a valid emirates id card. You can check many things using this card like the application status, Visa Status, and many more.

Emirates Id Card

Emirates Id Center

Here is the List of Emirates Id Centers in UAE which might be helpful.

  • Al-Jazeera Town
  • Khalifa Town in Abu Dhabi
  • Al Barsha
  • Al Rashidiya
  • Karama at Dubai
  • Madinat Zayed from the Western Area
  • Al-Ain Centre
  • Sharjah Centre
  • Ajman Centre
  • Fujairah Centre
  • Ras Al Khaimah Centre
  • Umm Al Quwain Centre.

Mostly the expired Emirates ID Renewal limit is 30 days as usual. When it gets expired and you have also crossed the selecting days limit for expiring Emirates ID Renewal then you will charge 20 AED Per Day. And this fine will charge up to 1000 AED.

So, it’s important that whenever you have expired your Emirates ID, After that you have the first and last option about this to get renewal again Emirates ID. Before expiring your Emirates ID The FAIC will send you a reminder text SMS on your Registered cell phone number that you are expiring emirates id.

Moreover, you can also renew your Emirates ID via Official Emirates sites. Where you can also Find Other Services which are the best way to get any basic information about these types of Issues.

Emirates Id Authority

Emirates id authority to cancel the ID or cancel the services that are currently connecting with this, or any person in UAE who wants to cancel the Emirates ID for any purpose like he is leaving the country or maybe he is changing his Job for any reason.

Then there is a simple way to cancel the emirates id authority by calling its Customer Care or handing over his emirates id to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, this department will hand over the ID to the concerned department from where the emirates id was issued.

However, before canceling emirates id you have to know some basic information about it. In UAE, you cannot join any Job or services which are legally allowed in UAE without an emirates ID. And you can not open or Close your banking details or accounts also cannot be able to get banking loans without an emirates id.

However, you cannot cancel your phone sims or vehicle registration which are Currently in your name. So, before canceling your emirates id authority, it’s Important to cancel all the services then cancel the emirates id.

Receiving The Emirates ID Card

The applicants can only get the emirates id card through the post office. The post office from where you get the id card will send to you as a text message on your mobile phone by the authority. You can get the location of the post office by seeing the text message from the authority it will help you to find the place easily. 

Moreover, the card will receive within some days or time after you received the text message. The text message will contain all the details regarding the card, post office, and date & time when you will get the card from the post office. After getting the details you can simply get there and get the card.

Moreover, if you have not collected the card within 90 days after the card arrives in the post office then your card will send back to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. If the card will send back to the Office then you will not able to get it from the same specific post office which was mentioned in the text message. 


How Can I Download My Emirates ID?

Firstly, you have to download the ICA UAE smart app. Now you need to sign up on this app. Secondly, you need to use your details to log in. Thirdly, click on the Emirates ID. No need to scan the QR code.

How Can I Get My Mobile Number From My emirates ID?

For getting the MRN number. You need to get register online using your emirates id. There is a verification code that will send to your number. You will need this number to get your emirates id renewal.

Where Can I Get A Fingerprint From Emirates Id?

However, the emirates id application needs to attach with the Visa stamping form. Now you need to type medical & id application and go for medical first. Then it will require your fingerprint for the EIDA center.

How Can I Change My Mobile Number in Emirates Id Free?

Firstly, you need to request a PAC with your old sim. Now send text PAC to 65075. They will send you a text which you need to follow.

How Long Does it Take to Get Emirates ID After Visa Stamping?

It almost takes 7 to 10 days to get the id after the visa stamping into your passport.

Can You Do Emirates ID Renewal Online?

Yes, you can! I have mentioned the process above you can follow this article to check your emirates id renewal online.

What Is Emirates Identity Authority?

It is the official department that provides you with the emirate’s identity. you can it emirates id center.

What Is Etisalat Emirates Id Update?

It is a UAE mobile app where you can update your id information.


In conclusion,  I would say that we have mentioned all the above information regarding emirates id status. You can check your emirates id status by calling customer care or you can check your id status online.

There is a process of renewing your id. So that you don’t have to pay a fine for it. you can check your status online here https://emiratesidstatus.net. We have mentioned above the process too.